Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Types of Garment Printer Machine

The ability to print different types of T-shirts has been propelled with the different types of printing machines which are available in the market. These machines have different capabilities, making it easier to design white to dark colored materials. Moreover, printing designs with multiple colors has also been so simple and easy a task. Each type of garment printer machine has their unique pros and cons.

In the 21st century, there has been an increase in the number of ultra-modern machines with multiple functionalities. These machines have so far increased the rate of production, reduced the printing cost and a wide range of materials can also be printed easily. Examples of garment printer machines and techniques include:

Wire mesh printing technique; this T-shirt printing technique is known for only two features, it is labor intensive besides being too expensive for small scale production. In this machine, a wire mesh emblazoned with the shape to be printed on a T-shirt were to print the desired design.

Rotary garment printer machines; these machines are available in two versions; the manual and the automatic form. With these machines, the garments to are placed on the machines’ plates and the color screens are rotated over the plates. The different colors to be used are placed on the machines in turn. In the manual machines, users squeeze the different colors manually. On the other hand; in the automated machines, all these tasks are performed automatically making the process much simpler.

Belt printing machines; this was an improvement of the traditional machines which could only print either the front or the back section of the T-shirts. With these machines, you can print anywhere on the T-shirt. It was an improved version of the screen printers where belts are used to move the T-shirt to be printed beneath the screens. They are very expensive machines. Closely related to these types of machines are the allover garment printer machines. They can print anywhere on the surface of a garment. The only difference between these types of machines and the belt machines is that they use large screens to distribute ink over the T-shirt to be printed.

Other machines which were developed to bridge the gap which had been left by these two machines were the cylinder printing machines. Among the three printing machines, they are some of the most effective garment printer machines.

Over the last decade, the printing industry has taken a completely new dimension with a number of more sophisticated and efficient garment printer machines being developed. Some of these machines include the direct-to-garment printer machines; UV and heat transfer T-shirt printers. Most of these machines can be used for small scale production in the garment printing industry.

These machines can create vibrant colors and long-lasting colors. Fabrics which have been printed with these printers have a natural feel too. However, it is important to note that some of these machines are also too expensive and the technology has not been explored fully. In the next five years, there are chances that even more efficient and sophisticated machines will be used in the printing industry.

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